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Reading Company Public Timetables - The "Howard Kaplan Collection"

Written by Conductor

Reading Company Public Timetable

ReadingModeler.com member (and Philadelphia Division NMRA Officer) Howard Kaplan has graciously made his collection of scanned Reading Company public timetables available for publishing on The Reading Modeler.  Click on the links below to open up the timetables as a PDF file in a separate window.

Reading Seashore Routes and Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines (PRSL)

Reading Seashore Routes - November, 1932

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines - September, 1949

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines - June, 1950

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines - June, 1953

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines - October, 1957

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines - April, 1967

Bethlehem Branch

Bethlehem Branch - September, 1952

Bethlehem Branch - October, 1952

Bethlehem Branch - April, 1954

Bethlehem Branch - October, 1954

Bethlehem Branch - April, 1955

Bethlehem Branch - April, 1955 additional scan

Bethlehem Branch - October, 1955

Bethlehem Branch - October, 1955 additional scan

Bethlehem Branch - June, 1972

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill - June, 1954

Chestnut Hill - October, 1962

Chestnut Hill - April, 1965

Chestnut Hill - April, 1966


The Crossline - East Penn and Lebanon Valley Branches

Reading Company Public Timetable

East Penn / Lebanon Valley Branch - September, 1936

East Penn / Lebanon Valley Branch - September, 1946

East Penn Branch - April, 1953

East Penn / Lebanon Valley Branch - May, 1953

East Penn / Lebanon Valley Branch - April, 1962

East Penn / Lebanon Valley Branch - October, 1962

East Penn / Lebanon Valley Branch - April, 1963

Doylestown Branch

Doylestown Branch - April, 1950

Doylestown Branch - September, 1950

Doylestown Branch - September, 1951

Doylestown Branch - October, 1955

Gettysburg Branch

Gettysburg Branch - April, 1933

New Hope Branch (Hatboro)

New Hope Branch - September, 1939

New Hope Branch - April, 1955


Jenkintown/Glenside - October, 1954

Jenkintown/Glenside - April, 1955

Jenkintown/Glenside - April, 1959

Newtown Branch

Newtown Branch - October, 1955

Reading Company Public TimetableMain Line

Main Line - September, 1945

Main Line - April, 1947 

Main Line - April, 1950

Main Line - September, 1951

Main Line - April, 1953

Main Line - April, 1955

Main Line - October, 1955

Main Line - November, 1955

New York Branch

New York Branch - September, 1936

New York Branch - September, 1948

New York Branch - January, 1952

New York Branch - August, 1955

New York Branch - October, 1955

Reading Transportation Company - Bus Fares

Reading Transportation Fares - February, 1952

Reading Transportation Fares - July, 1953


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Did You Know?

March 16, 1969
The last train makes a stop at the Outer Station in Reading.


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