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What's the difference between a GP40-2 and GP39-2? What year did the Reading dieselize? How many tracks were in Rutherford Yard? This board focuses on a discussion of questions or issues concerning the "prototype" Reading Company and its predecessors. While the aim of this board is to serve as a resource for prototype information for modeling purposes, general discussion and sharing of knowledge is also encouraged.

TOPIC: Foundry at 7th & Chestnut St., Reading, PA

Foundry at 7th & Chestnut St., Reading, PA 2 years 11 months ago #6212

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The original P&R shops on Chestnut St. across from the Franklin St. Station is now lettered as the Reading Foundry & Supply Co. Does anyone remember if it bore the name Reading Crescent Brass Co. or Reading Crescent Brass and Iron Co.? Whatever the exact name was, it was on the building in the 1950s through at least the summer of 1970. Reason for this request is to correctly letter a scratchbuilt model of the track and Chestnut street faces of this building. Thank you, Evan
PS Where the heck was that parking garage when Franklin St. had passenger service? LOL! Traffic around the station was a zoo when the morning and evening push-pulls made this stop. Be there early or risk sitting on Franklin St. in traffic stopped by the gates, and be out on Chestnut St. before the gates went up. The good old days. :-)
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Foundry at 7th & Chestnut St., Reading, PA 2 years 11 months ago #6213

  • Rob
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I just saw some bizarre lettering on a photo of that building on Facebook a week or so ago. It The name isn't coming to me right now, but I will research it.... Seems like it may have been on the where in Reading or Berks County is this page.

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Foundry at 7th & Chestnut St., Reading, PA 2 years 11 months ago #6215

  • MarkFJ
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I can’t answer the question about the lettering on the building, but I will share this incredible aerial photo taken of Reading in 1932. Reading Iron Company is prominent in the photo along the banks of the Schuylkill River, but Franklin Street station and the old shops can be seen at just about the center of the photo.

As a side note, this photo is just packed full of interesting details. Notice how the mainline branches from 2 to 3, to 4 tracks, as it enter the city! Also check out all the tracks on the west bank of the river along the W&N line. Does anyone know what was being loaded in those flat cars? My guess is limestone or some kind of crushed rock. Also notice the passenger car on the ground just after the line crosses the bridge; must have been for storage or a makeshift office. On the left side of the photo you can see some of the congested track work of the west Reading branch. The Pennsylvania Railroad freight house is located just behind the tanks and has “READING PA” painted on the roof. Judging by the large number of boxcars lined up on the tracks in front of the freight house, businesses must have been very busy along the waterfront in the 30’s.
Thanks, Mark
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Foundry at 7th & Chestnut St., Reading, PA 2 years 10 months ago #6220

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Lots to see in that photo. Thanks for posting!
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