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What's the difference between a GP40-2 and GP39-2? What year did the Reading dieselize? How many tracks were in Rutherford Yard? This board focuses on a discussion of questions or issues concerning the "prototype" Reading Company and its predecessors. While the aim of this board is to serve as a resource for prototype information for modeling purposes, general discussion and sharing of knowledge is also encouraged.

TOPIC: Grain and Feed cars

Grain and Feed cars 2 years 10 months ago #6227

  • crrcoal
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Hi folks. I am looking for information on Reading served Feed Mills, Grain Elevators and Fertilizer dealers. Specifically what road name rail cars could be seen at them. Pictures would be great if anyone has any or knows where to find any. I saw a picture of a Reading local on the R&C branch and it had a Louis Dreyfus 4427 hopper car in the train. So I am wondering what dealer may have received that car and would other private owner and/or co-op cars also be seen or would it mostly be railroad owned cars such as N&W, EL, PC etc. Thanks everyone for any assist that can be provided!
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Grain and Feed cars 2 years 10 months ago #6228

  • HoboPiker
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My observations are a bit before your era, as you mention a 4427 cu. ft. capacity car. I lived in Ephrata on the R&C Br. until 1962. Martin's Mill, just north of Ephrata received large cars of bulk feed until a year or two before rail service ended. Denver also has/had a mill that at last word was still receiving large hoppers. Litiz and Manheim area had a few mills/dealers receiving when the R&C was still intact. Private, leased fleet, foreign road and RDG cars were all seen at these mills. One service used dedicated RDG LOg class, two bay hoppers to deliver feed from a COOP feed plant in Winfield, PA to elevators at Reading and Manheim; this service began a year or two before I moved away from Ephrata.
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Grain and Feed cars 2 years 10 months ago #6229

  • crrcoal
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That is great info! Thank you HoboPiker! Do you by chance recall any of the names of the private and leased fleet cars?
Are there any track charts available that you know of?
If anyone has any photos of the mills/dealers especially with the hoppers please post if you can. Thank you!
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